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 We follow all NCAA Rules with the exception of league specific rules listed below.
All divisions are evaluated and balanced on talent by the commissioner of the league.  Even after your team is approved the team and its players are still subject to changes including point restrictions, limitation to players on the floor, removal of a player, or the entire team if necessary to create parity in the league.  There are no refunds for players or teams, the league will not issue any refunds once they have played the first game.  If a player is removed from a team they will be given the option of adding another lesser talented player to their roster but you are still responsible for the full team fee, the league will not issue any refunds.  If your team is not doing well the commissioner will also grant the team an option to add an additional player so everyone has a chance.  If a player or team is found not playing up to their level or we see a dramatic performance difference in the beginning of the season compared to later in the season/playoff, the team or player will be disqualified without refund or a chance to continue playing in the playoff games.  If you are playing in this league you agree to all these rules and guidelines and understand the risks. Any captain can raise an object to another team or player for the commissioner to review at which point some action will be taken. 
Any fighting will result in an automatic suspension for the remaining season, a serious assault will result in a lifetime ban.  No refunds will be issued for such actions.
General rules for Talent for divisions

Saturday D1, D2, D3, D4 are open to all ethnicity not just Asians.  So no guest rules in effect, all other rules still apply.


All divisions will now have a salary cap system that will equal to 50k-60k in the starting 5 depending on the division you are playing in.  Each player will have a salary cap of (25k, 22.5k, 20k, 17.5k, 15k, 12.5k, 10k, 7.5k, 5k)

  1. 20 min halves with 2 min halftime.  Clock runs in the first half except for the last minute.  Clock runs if point differential is greater than 20 in second half. Gym coordinator/score keepers can also decide to run the clock and/or cut time from the game due to a late start by informing the captains and referees.  All teams should be present at the gym 15 min prior to the game.
  2. A referee will count 30 sec shot clock in the last 5 minutes of the game if there is no shot clock.  Game clock will stop on made baskets in the last minutes of the game.  The referee will also enforce the 5 sec closely guarded rule if there is no shot clock. 
  3. If a game is a blow out the referee has the ability to call the game early if teams are fouling and/or the winning team is trying to run up the score.  If a team is winning more than 20 points they are not allowed to press the losing team in the second half.
  4. 3 (30 sec) timeouts can be used at any time of the game. If you are out of timeouts and you call a timeout it will be a team technical 2 (shots), the team with the ball will keep possession. 
  5. 2 min overtime with stoppage on all whistles, with 1 additional timeout in OT.  Timeout from a regular game can carry over into overtime.
  6. Games are scheduled to start on time you may play with 4 but if you only have 3 players 2 points will be given per min till your 4th man arrives.  If a team is more than 15min late the game is considered a forfeit.   Teams can still play each other when they arrive for fun.  Teams will be allowed to pickup players that are of low talent with the approval of the commish and opposing team.  Once the official teammates arrive the temporary pickups will not be allowed to play. This will be allowed even in the playoff so we avoid forfeits.
  7. Technical foul on all curses including bench players, players fouled out – penalty 2 shots  – counts as a personal foul.  Can be called by the referee, score table, appointed league committee members (long as it’s not during their game).  If a team only has 5 players and a player fouls out the player can remain in the game by issuing a tech on the 5th foul. The technical free throws should always be taken first before any foul free throws.  The ball goes back to whoever had possession if they are not shooting free throws. 
  8. Technical foul on all dunks – penalty 2 shots and basket does not count and counts as a personal foul, and they have to sit for 2 min.
  9. Extended trash talking will lead to technical foul and ejection.
  10. Two technical fouls are an automatic ejection – the player must leave the gym.
  11. Misconduct or fighting will result in ejection – penalty ejection and 2 shots, automatic suspension and player must leave the gym.
  12. All technical fouls will count as personal fouls and the player must sub for 2min game time - cursing, throwing items, punching, kicking, dunking, throwing things even in a timeout or while on the bench includes any other misconduct.
  13.  Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls per game.  On the 5th foul he must come out of the game if the team has only 5 players they can have him come back on the court by shooting 2 free throws. the team with the ball will keep possession.
  14. All players must wear the official SABL Jerseys.  2 Points for each jersey missing, taped on numbers or other printed numbers will not be accepted. 
  15. The commissioner can control the overall team talent for all divisions, so all teams have a fair playing field.
  16. All players should be of Asian/Middle Eastern descent you are allowed two guest who must be at the salary cap he was added in as otherwise he will be removed and that goes for any player who is unfairly representing themselves at a lower salary cap.    We now also offer open divisions on Saturdays that are open to all backgrounds.
  17. All roster changes must be completed by the end of week 5.  Any player added after week 5 will result in a forfeit.  Team fees must be completed in full before your first game otherwise you will not be allowed to play.  A team roster will be maxed out at 10 players per team and only players on the roster 24 hours prior are allowed to play on game day.  Cannot register the same day and expect to play.  If a player on your team has played at least 1 game and then you ask to have that player cut that cut if final you cannot add him back on. 
  18. All players must have played at least half their games to qualify for the playoff.  (5 Games this season)  10 game season with single elimination playoff for top 4 teams.  
  19. If a team only has 3 or 4 players they will be allowed to pick up a player that is 5k salary cap in their division.  You cannot bring new players to the league that does not have a salary rating as a pickup.  All pickups must be registered with the league and must have a salary cap rating.  You need approval from the league commissioner when picking up or the opposing captain.  
  20. Forfeits – When a forfeit is given due to administration issues within the team and the game is played the stats will count and all the players that played will count as has played that game.  Teams that only show up with 3 guys will count as having shown up for their game to qualify for the playoff.  The team that forfeits will lose the head to head matchup to the opposing team the score will be 10-0 and no one will get credit for that forfeited game they still need 5 additional games to make the playoff.    We must have 24hr notice otherwise you will be required to pay $100, when a team is not able to attend.
  21. One Flagrant Foul and you will be ejected from the game.  All ejections are subject to suspension for future games. 
  22. Rankings and playoff seedings are determined by the following rules.  Top 4 teams from each division make the playoff.  Best overall record, if there is a tie with the record the tie is broken with head to head matchup.  If there is still a tie between two or three teams tie is broken by point differential between the teams tied when they played each other.  If there is still a tie then we look at the point differential against the 1st seeded team and so on till we have one winner.  Only 4 teams can make the playoffs. Forfeited teams will lose the head to head matchup regardless of score only if its a tie between those two teams, if it's a three-way tie we would have to go to the point differential as head to head, would not apply in a 3 way head to head tie.